What’s Tie Rod End and When Does It Need Replacing?

Automobile is a wondrous machine, simple but complex. Even the mechanical bits are reduced among electric automobile, there still hundreds of parts that are working together, and all of these parts are playing different role of our automobile. Among this huge system, one part known as tie rod end is connected your automobiles steering system together. Tie rod end is a crucial part to your automobile’s two-step coordination. If it has failed, you and your car will under a seriously dangerous situation. But don’t worry about thatwe are here to introduce when you need to replace your tie rod end, and how can you notice that. Let take a look.


What Is a Tie Rod End?

Tie rod end is an important part of the steering system of your automobiletie rod end connects your steering gear, which is connected through a shaft to the steering wheel, and the steering knuckle, the function of this system is control the direction of your automobile. 

How Does a Tie Rod End Work?

When you turn the steering wheel, the steering rack behind the firewall of your automobile turns in concert. That rack is connected to the steering knuckle below, which is connected via tie rod end. The tie rod end can be adjusted by its threaded in the purpose to align your steering system. 

When Does a Tie Rod End Need to Be Replaced?

Tie rod end is not your average maintenance parts. It is designing to extend the lifespan of your automobile. Even though that external factors such as extreme weather, poor maintenance, and impacts or accidents will affect its life cycles.

If you are making a decision to replace your tie rod end, you may suspect there’s something amiss with your automobile’s steering. There are several symptoms can illustrate this problem. Lets take a check.


The Symptoms of a Failing Tie Rod End

These are typical symptoms of a failing tie rod end.

1. Wheel Feels Loose When Lifted

If you lift up your car on a jack and can wiggle the wheel, you likely have a bad set of tie rod end

2. Uneven Tire Wear

And given that you likely can wiggle your tire, imagine that while driving. As such, you’ll likely see uneven tire wear due to that slack in the system. 

3. Uneven Alignment

Just as the last two indicate, that slack will cause uneven alignment. Without proper alignment, your automobile will not track straight.

4. Sloppy Steering

With such slack, you may also feel it in the steering wheel. Your cornering may not be as precise. 

5. Noise or Vibration

The bad tie rod end might also be clunking and vibrating through the steering wheel. 

If you notice these symptoms has appeared, you should consider about replace your tie rod end immediately, the reason of that is keeping using a failed tie rod end will highly affect the lifespan of your car and your personal security. In this case, to maintain your tie rod end in a good condition is very important to you.


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