What is drive shaft

First of all, it looks like people have many different ideas of what is a “drive shaft”, and many of these ideas are seemed to be conflicting. In this case, we would like to clarify about that.

As the definition of Wikipedia, drive shaft is an important mechanical part of a car, and the main function of drive shaft is transmitting torque and rotation. It’s a perfectly accurate definition of “drive shaft” in car, but the most important problem is that the word “drive shaft” is very wide definition. If you try to search the word “drive shaft” online, you may see a huge number of different photos include propeller shaft, Cardan shaft, even universal joint shaft. All of these are defined as drive shaft by current international standard together; however, they are not the “drive shaft” which we going to talk about in this article. I will explain the reason of that.

In China, we have our own local dialect. The universal joint shaft is always called “cross shaft”. The reason of that is the shape of universal joint looks like a Chinese word “ten(十)”, and the Chinese word “ten(十)” is similar like a cross. On the other hand, what Chinese people like to refer “drive shaft” as “half shaft”. The purpose we mention that is not discuss about who is right or who is wrong; however, to build a common set of definition is helpful to us to be on the same stage during the time we discuss about “drive shaft” in there.

As for your car, it has at least two drive shafts in there, it depends on your car model. Generally, you can find the drive shafts near your front or rear wheels, or even both. If you checked the lower half of car, you would see that one end of the drive shaft work with your car transmission, at the same time, the other work with your tire.

drive shaft

Generally, drive shaft has two functions, the first one is improving the motion’s range of your car wheels. To consider about if wheels of your car are connected to the transmission by a rigid metal instead of a drive shaft. When your wheels are pumped, the wheels will move upward instead of transmitting. Even it will break the rigid metal in half with over force. That’s the reason of our car need drive shaft. It obviously improved flexibility and provide a greater range of motion to your car wheels. Second, drive shaft work for transfer rotational energy from wheels transmission. When your engine is working, the engine inflames the admixture of petrol-air. The heat energy is transfer to kinetic energy; it pushes the car engine to work. Subsequently, the car transmission will collect the power of engine and convert them as rotational energy. When the differential is rotating, it passes the rotation to your car wheels by drive shaft. In the end, while wheels of your car start to transmit, your car can move forward.

In conclusion, as a flexible shaft which drives the wheel, drive shaft plays a very important role in your car. Your car is unable to move if drive shaft removed from it.


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