The step of replace your water pump

Once the water pump goes fail, it is important to you to replace a new one to ensure the proper operation of your car. In this article, we will introduce all necessary steps of replace car water to you. First, you need to find a water pump that is able to apply with your car. Then, you should turn off your engine.

It confirms the engine has completely cooled down once you start replacing the water pump. Then you should locate the car battery. Therefore, you need to make sure you have disconnected the battery ground. Second, you should install a drain pan under the engine.

Then, you should remove components of the cooling system; because you need to make sure that cooling compartments are completely drained. Further, you need to find the alternator mounting brackets, and need to remove the drive belt.

To open them, you can use the appropriately sized socket and lift them away. Then, you need to clear any clutter or stuff out of the way of the water pump. Then, you can use socket or wrench to remove the engine pulley, fan, and fan shroud. After that, you can consider about use the hose of the water pumps.

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You should loosen the screw and remove the water pump from the engine and keep it away from your work area. Then you need to inspect your engine block and clean it. Further, you need to replace the water pump gaskets if you find that they are damaged or brokers.

Then, you should line up the new water pump and replace the old one. You need to consult the manual to double-check to confirm everything be right when you do that. Then, you need to properly bolt the water pump to a certain pressure.

Next, you can reconnect the hose of water pump, also you need to put anything else removed back. In this case, you must ensure that belts are properly adjusted to the tension specifications of the car. In the end, you can refill the car’s cooling system.

Based on that, you can upgrade to a better coolant product or antifreeze. Then, you should plug the battery back in and start your car, the purpose of that is make sure everything is running fine. Then, its all done.

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