The Role of Timing Belt

Do you know about timing belt in car? I believe that everyone who drives a car knows that timing belt is a rubber part, the function of the timing belt is timing, to ensure the ignition energy of the engine and the movement of the cylinder is consistent, and no misfire and random fire of them. Also, it ensures smooth output of engine power. Let’s follow the editor to learn more about the role of the car timing belt.

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1. Timing belt is an important part of the engine distribution system. It is connected with the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time. The use of belts rather than gears for transmission is due to the fact that belts are less noisy, precise in transmission, less variation in themselves and are easy to compensate. Obviously, the life of the belt must be shorter than that of the metal gear, so the belt should be replaced regularly.

2. The function of the timing belt is connecting the piston, the valve, and the sequence of ignition when the engine is running. It is necessary to maintain “timing” at all times. Timing is through the timing mechanism of the engine, so that each cylinder just does when the piston goes up to the top dead center, the valve closes, and the spark plug ignites.

3. The timing belt is consumable, and once the timing belt is broken, the camshaft will not run according to the timing. In this case, it is very likely that the valve and the piston may collide and cause serious damage; therefore, the timing belt must replace mileage or time based on factory specified. When automobile engine is working, intake, compression, explosion and exhaust are continuously occurred in the cylinder, and the timing of each step must be matched with the movement state and position of the piston, so that the intake and exhaust and the piston lifts are coordinated with each other. In this case, the timing belt acts as a “bridge” in the engine, transmitting power to the corresponding parts under the drive of the crankshaft. Some of cars use metal chains to replace belts in order to ensure the stable operation of the timing system. Due to the rupture of the timing belt of the vehicle will cause damage to the internal valve of the engine, which is more harmful, generally manufacturers stipulate a replacement cycle for the timing belt.

4. The timing belt is a rubber part. With the increase of the working time of the engine, the timing belt and the accessories of the timing belt, such as the timing belt tensioner and the water pump will be worn. Therefore, for any engine equipped with a timing belt, the manufacturer will have strict requirements to replace the timing belt and accessories regularly within the specified period. The replacement period varies with the structure of the engine. Generally, it should be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers, and the specific replacement cycle should be based on the vehicle maintenance manual.

5. The timing belt is generally considered to be replaced at 80,000 kilometers. You can’t replace it yourself once it breaks, even if you have a timing belt on your car. Therefore, when the total driving distance reaches 80,000, it is recommended to consider replacing it. The timing belt is behind the radiator fan.

timing belt

The automobile generator belt is made of rubber, so they are very consumable. Since most of the belts on the car are made of rubber, it is inevitable that they will gradually wear during long-term high-temperature work. Therefore, the manufacturer of the belt replacement time on the car has regulations, which are described in the vehicle maintenance manual. Generally, it is about 60,000-80,000 kilometers, and a small part can travel 80,000-100,000 kilometers before being replaced. I hope these information I shared can help you better understand the role of timing belt.

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