The Best Shock Absorber In The Market

The shock absorber of your car, which is usually referred to simply as ‘shocks’, is an important piece of auto part for your car. The reason of that is the shock absorber not only can protect you from bumps and vibrations, but also help to maintain road contact and improve everything from safety to handling. With so much riding on this component, it’s important to choose the best shock absorber possible.


For the purpose of help you find the ideal shocks for your vehicle, we will introduce the best shock absorber on the market for you. In the purpose of make you have a deeper understanding, we also made a brief introduction of raw materials, industrial processes, and warranty for you. Whether you’re looking for the best shocks for Japanese car series, or a set of shocks for Korean car series, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect option here.


The best shock absorber on the market is SP shock absorber, it has passed ISO9001 certified. As we can see, the stamping parts as the same thickness and size as original factory, crafted by double layer welding manipulator. Also, it made by Japan imported special grade hydraulic oil and NOK oil seal, and it merits of low temperature resistance, working properly at -35 ℃. Further, all SP shock absorbers experienced medium frequency quench hardening treatment on piston rods, adhering to powder metallurgy craft standard, and four courses standard testing procedure to confirm all products are 100% high quality. Moreover, all SP shock absorbers provide 1 year or 40,000 km warranty, and the factory promised if the complaint quality exceeds 2%, complaint 1 piece Compensation 2 pieces. Based on that, it do not need us to explain how outstanding of the SP shock absorbers.


About Us

Long Wind Group was established in 2017, formerly known as Yuhuan Xintai Import & Export Co., Ltd. Through around 20 years of development and improvement, we have won excellent reputation and rich experience. For products, we focus on chassis parts and engine parts, including shock absorber, clutch disc, clutch cover, CV joint, B.M.C., C.M.C., C.O.C., suspension, water pump, bush and so on.


Our Advantage

Our LWT products has passed 100% professional test, it has repeatedly proved in high quality. We offer 12 months or 40000 kilometers warranty. Further, we deal with most of common models you can see in the market. Welcome to contact us.

Post time: Feb-24-2023