Signs that you need to replace your suspension bushes

Just like all other auto parts, suspension bushes would arrive its lifespan after some time. They are keeping contact with the other components because of they are fitted underneath the car. Based on that, they need to adapt to many circumstances. From one perspective their temperature is changing; on the other hand, suspension bushes are suffering huge stress.

1. Steering issues

Generally, if your suspension bushes start to fail, the first indicator would be steering problems. It shows by the steering start to be less responsive than usual, especially at high speeds. Sometimes the driver may feel the steering wheel shaking while in motion or under braking.

2. Unstable braking

If you experience a sudden exacerbation in braking efficiency, it might be attributed to a damaged suspension bushing. Other indicators also include clunking noise from the control arm after bump, braking, or harder turning.


3. Low performance and comfort

A bad bushing would affect driving performance and comfort. Since the purpose of the suspension bushing is to cushion against small knocks, a damaged one will not be as effective, resulting in vibrations throughout the drive.

4. Uneven tire wear

Examine the circumstance of your tire tread wear of your vehicle regularly. This problem usually indicates an issue with the alignment, which can be affected by worn bushings.


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Post time: Mar-10-2023