Signs of a Bad Brake Master Cylinder

If you want to check whether your brake master cylinder is work good or not, you can notice your car’s brake pedal. If it has difference, you need to be careful. There are also some other signs you can use as reference. Here we listed several common signs of a bad brake master cylinder.

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1. Sinking or Soft Brake Pedal

If you feel your pedal is sinking or soft, your brake master cylinder might be bad. Previously, the pedal should hold firm while you depressed to make the car stopped. However, if the pedal still sinks toward the floor while you are pressing, you may have a bad brake master cylinder, because it shows that your brake fluid pressure is not stable. Further, your brake master cylinder has a problem and is cause fluid to escape inside the cylinder bore past the rubber seals on the pushrod. If it happened, you should inspect the problem immediately due to it may cause dangerous for yourself.

2. Low Brake Fluid Level

If you notice that the fluid level in the brake master cylinder reservoir is low, your brake master cylinder might be bad. Even though the fluid will get slightly lower with your brakes wear, but you do not expect a quickly drop of the fluid level. In this case, you do not need to constantly fill the fluid level in your brake system. If that happens, you should consider about leaks around the brake master cylinder or power brake booster. You might also notice brake fluid on the firewall of the vehicle. Any of these signs could signal the need for a brake master cylinder replacement. If a slow drop in your fluid level happened, you may need to replace your brake pads.

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3. Check Engine Light/Brake Warning Light

Sometime the problem of brake master cylinder can cause a check engine light to illuminate, especially a brake warning light. Most of modern vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brake (ABS) sensors and fluid pressure sensors that can quickly reflect the problem of your car’s computer. The warning light will illuminate once these sensors notice any brake issues. In this case, you should pay attention to your brake warning light to confirm you can check your problem as soon as possible.

4. Dirty Brake Fluid

Contaminants inside of brake fluid may destroy your brake system. These not only can damage ABS sensors, but also tiny particles of debris can cause major problems in your brake master cylinder as well. Based on that, if you notice your brake fluid is dark and dirty, you should change your fluid as soon as possible. After that, you should attention the performance of your system to confirm your brake master cylinder work well. However, if it really broken, you should consider about replace your brake master cylinder.

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