Shock Absorber Performance Comparison and Description

No. Item KYB Other Product SP Product SP Advantage
1 Outer Tube       Our company adopts the supplier for Tokico. The outer tube thickness is the same as KYB, reaching 2.5 mm, while other factories are 2 mm. In the bending test, our company’s products can meet or exceed the KYB requirement (800 kg), and the force limit is very large.
2 Piston Rod       The smoothness of piston rods we use is 0.06, reaches KYB’s requirement. Ensures longer life of our products.
3 Dust Cover       The dust cover of our company’s product adopts a ribbed concave-convex structure, which is the same as the original Toyota structure, with high rigidity, strongness, and resistance to repeated impacts.
4 Oilless Bearig Jananese Bearing Chinese Ordinary bearing ZOB Bearing Same bearing as Tokico,lower friction factor ensures the life of our products much longer than the other factories’
5 Shock Absorber Oil Ordinary Oil SV-3 Oil Excellent performance in both high and low temperature, anti-oxidation, not easy to deteriorate
the dynamic viscosity is over 190, below 200 the dynamic viscosity is over 360, reistant low temperature to -50℃
6 Oil Seal Ordinary Oil Seal RFX Oil Seal Greatly improve the life of oil seal
7 Test One time One time Two times Two function tests ensure our products much more reliable
8 Valve Ordinary Valve Tokico Supplier The valves we use are from TOKIKO’s OEM supplier, made of imported material ensures their good quality. The performance is very close to KYB, and their life is far longer than the products from other factories
9 Bushing Unstable The bushings we use are produced by our own factory, good material and precise model design ensure the duriability of our products Good and stable quality, with great fatigue strength
10 Sample Develop Our development is strictly according to KYB sample, greatly improve the accuracy
11 Stamping In order to cut down cost, they reduce
the thickness and strength of the stamping
The spring plate and bracket we use are made of high quality cold-rolled plate,with high strength and hardly to be deformed

Post time: Oct-26-2021